1.30pm - 10.30pm

The afternoon is aimed at improver through to intermediate
which means you'll be familiar with uphold and downhold basic; come-around; throwout; out and in; lollies; and ad-libs (scoots, paddles, crab-walks etc). Advanced dancers will undoubtedly benefit from Lynn and Stephen's experience learning and dancing in Europe and the USA.

Those of you who went to the Birmingham Swing Festival will have seen Lynn who was the brilliant MC for the weekend. You most likely didn't see Stephen as he was busy making sure the weekend ran as well as it did. When not involved in the running of events and dancing and competing all over the world, Lynn and Stephen are two of the busiest young Balboa and Balswing instructors in the UK.

We're really lucky to have got them for what promises to be a great afternoon of instruction followed by Balboa At Heart from Trinity.

Holy Trinity Community Hall
Memorial Drive
(Off) Green Road

30 for Workshop and Evening Dance

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Please remember that dancing is a physical activity and if you are unsure, please consult your GP. 
Balboanorth will take every reasonable precaution to maintain your health and safety but 
cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury if you have agreed to take part.

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