Teachers: Mel and Jo Calanglang

Venue: Blackburn Hall, Commercial St, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0AW

Cost: 90 for 8 hrs of workshops and includes 
Saturday Evening Dance and Sunday Tea Dance

Your band on Saturday evening is 

The Hot Club Of Clowntown

(If you're a local dancer, you can pay at Tuesday class if you prefer)

The workshops are suitable for Intermediate level and above.

To register, please complete the booking form in
the link below and submit. You'll receive confirmation
of your booking and payment options within 48 hours. 
If you prefer to pay imediately by Paypal/Credit/Debit,
fill in the booking form first and then follow
the Paypal link at the bottom of the page.

Jo & Mel Booking Form

Please be sure to also fill in the booking form
if you are paying by Paypal/Credit/Debit



Please remember that dancing is a physical activity and if you are unsure, please consult your GP. 
Balboanorth will take every reasonable precaution to maintain your health and safety but 
cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury if you have agreed to take part.

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