Balboa At Heart
 Headingley HEART 
Next Date is Saturday 12 May 2018
Time 7.30 -10.45 pm   
You can pay on the night and the price is 6
Free parking at the venue and street parking.  We'll provide Tea, Coffee & biscuits and some soft drinks but if you want to bring your own, please do as there is no bar.

The address is:
HEART Centre
Bennett Road
Leeds LS6 3HN

Future dates in 2017

29 April
24 June
19 August
30 September
4 November
9 December


Please remember that dancing is a physical activity and if you are unsure, please consult your GP. 
Balboanorth will take every reasonable precaution to maintain your health and safety but 
cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury if you have agreed to take part.

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