Catch-up Tuesday

The weekly dance classes in Leeds were on Tuesday in the past and reviewed in the video links below.  These were never intended as instructional videos - and were just there to help students remember what we did in the class. See Below for instructional DVDs that we have viewed and can recommend.

Class reviews is not something we do at present but may revive in future. We don't recommend you try and learn from these clips. They may be useful but don't represent how we teach and dance today. 

11th November 2011 the 'lost' clips part 2. The 'Kitchen Combinations' also taught in Durham in 2010 (we think) 

11th November 2011 the 'lost' clips part 1. Class review from workshops in Durham in 2010

13th July 2010  single time basic; swivels; follower single steps led by leader weight changes; redirection of throwout (David Rehm)

3rd May 2010: Throwout variations using different hands and weight changes 

8th September 2009: split basic; change hold; scoots; paddles; tap steps

1st September 2009: single time basic; out & in; out & in turns to right and left and elbow catch

18th August 2009: hug-me Apache; open postition taps; the Dream

11th August 2009: single-time basic; lateral 567; swivels; double-time swivels; Maxi's stop step

4th August 2009: split basic; 4 beat weight change; lateral 567; the Danny

28 July 2009: the whole class was devoted to 'The Helwig' from the 1940 Beach Clip

21 July 2009: hesitation class; single time basic; scoots; she goes/he goes; out and in all with 'hesitations'

14 July 2009: double/single basic; transitions step; out and in; syncopation in basic & out and in

23 June 2009: single time/double time basic; come around; throwout (spike turn); Meanwood elbow catch

16 June 2009: Mickey & Kelly's combination from Balboa Rendezvous

2 June 2009: double time basic; tuck turn; double turn; cross steps & reverse collect; slide through

26 May 2009: Mickey & Kelly's basic; rotating triples; walk (drag); out and in; Svetlana's mess around; 2 walks (single & double time)

19 May 2009: single time basic; the 5-6-7 break;walk (drag); back shuffle;swivels; Maxi's stop step (a move of the great Maxi Dorf)

12 May 2009: single time basic; Marcus & Bärbl's lollies into 'the dream'; out & in with compression turn into lollies; reverse turn;

5 May 2009:  single time basic; throwout & right hand basket; David Rehm's place change with double turn for followers

28 April 2009: triples in basic; out & in with variations; 1st birthday footage

21 April 2009: tap basic; tuck turn; inside turn; apache; two turns (changing places and hands); inside turn and complete tap basic

20 January 2009: double time basic; transition step; out and in (cross breaks); tuck turn; outside turn; guy's apache

13 January 2009: single time/double time basic; comearound into lollies; lollies variations

16 December 2008: basic; comearound; throwout; Svetlana's combination

18 November 2008: Part 2 of the Stuff Like That There routine for Lindy at the Light 13 December 2008

11 November 2008: Part 1 of the Stuff Like That There routine for Lindy at the Light 13 December 2008

16 October 2008: single time/double time basic; balswing come-around; throwout; left to left throwout entry to lollies; lollies variation

30 September 2008: double time basic; transition step; out & in; come-around (break turn); out & in variations (peel away & slide)

23 September 2008: single time basic; quick exit to swivels; come-around (break turn) with single time on seven.


16 September 2008: Review hug-me apache; with ‘the dream’ variation

26 August 2008: Maxi's basic; out & in (with rotational variation); throwout with left to left hand hold and exit variations

19 August 2008: change hold; ad-libs = tap steps & scoots; the Damron (from Roy Damron)

12 August 2008: single time basic; pulse; lilt; triples; swivels

22 July 2008:  split basic (single time/double time basic or break time); balswing come-around; lollies (swing kicks); lollies variations  'flamingo' (our name) and triples for follower and leader

15 July 2008:  split basic (double time/single-time); single step; contra body movement; rotating triples; crab walks; change hold; scoots; responding to the music

8 July 2008: Maxi's basic; out and in; single time/double time basic (break time); balswing come-around; shoulder pop

1 July 2008:  gather basic; double time/single time basic; contra body movement; come-around (break turn); throwout (spike turn)

24 June 2008: weight changes; tap basic; hug-me apache; right-to-right lollies; reverse collect; split basic; come-around (break turn); Maxie's stop step 

17 June 2008:  split basic (single-time/double time); change hold; paddle steps; rotating triples; scoots; slide; down the line

Instructional DVD’s   (In alphabetical order of the authors’ first name) 


Joel & Alison Plys – An extensive series covering all aspects of Balboa & Balswing

Marcus Koch & Bärbl Kaufer   - 3 DVD box set Balboa & Balswing  

Nick Williams & Sylvia Sykes – Just came out just last month Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced  

Steve Garrett & Heidi Salerno-Garrett  - 3 DVD box set ‘JitterBal’


We also recommend:


All Balboa Weekend - Valerie Salstrom’s DVD series for the annual event in Cleveland  

Balboa Rendezvous - Joel & Alison Plys’ DVD series from the annual event where Balboa began

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