About us?


Svetlana & Harry have been on the swing dance scene 
since 2001. Their interest moved from Lindy to Balboa in 2006 and has evolved into an obsession and a passion. Frustrated at having no local balboa scene, they started Balboanorth in April 2008 to promote the dance in the area. They now have established weekly classes in Leeds Their teaching focus is on 'lead' & 'follow', leading from your centre (using your core), developing the ability to dance without a 'routine' and having fun!


Why teach Balboa?


Because of our love for the dance and our overwhelming desire for it to become as popular in the north of England as it is in the south.  When we’re not dancing, learning or practicing, we’re watching it and talking (or arguing) about it. Over the years, we have been taught at camps and international workshops by some of the world’s finest Balboa dancers:


Sylvia Sykes, Nick Williams, Anne-Helene & Bernard Cavassa, David Rheem & Laura Keat, Jeremy Otth, Andreas Olssen, Adam Speene & Nelle Cherry, Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau, Peter Loggins & Mia Goldsmith, Alison & Joel Plys, Andy Spitz & Christelle, Mo Saakan, Marcus Koch & Barbel Kaufer, Mickey Fortenasce & Kelly Arsenault, Marty Klempner & Valerie Saalstrom, Jacob Wiggins, Marty Lau & Jennifer Urich, Dan Guest, Didier Dumat & Christi Guest, Steve Garrett & Heidi Salerno-Garrett, Minn Vo & Corrina Acosta, Cathy & Gilbert Cadène, Eric Robinson & Sylvia Skylar, Bobby White & Kate Hedin, Gisela Grerup & Martin Karlgren, Mel & Jo Calanglang, Janet Davis & Chris Riddick, Brian & Sue Anthony. 


Everything we teach is directly from their classes or drawn from the further instruction they give on dvd/videotape.  We have an extensive collection of Balboa resource material which continues to grow. In addition to hours of footage by the dancers above, our balboa & balswing library also includes material from:


Willie Desatoff, Dean Raftery, Bart Bartolo, Randy Maestretti & Kara Britt, Dave Shackleford & Claudia Funder, Jonathan Bixby, Tise Chao.


It's important to us that we continue updating our knowledge to ensure that what we teach you is authentic and delivered in the right way.

Balboanorth is committed to promoting Balboa & Balswing in the north of England.


Please remember that dancing is a physical activity and if you are unsure, please consult your GP. 
Balboanorth will take every reasonable precaution to maintain your health and safety but 
cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury if you have agreed to take part.

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