Video Gallery

    Anne-Helene & Bernard @ JATW 08    Nick & Sylvia @ JATW 08    Cathy & Gilbert Cadène, class review from JATW     Nick Williams & Sylvia Sykes Begginers Class Review JATW     Anne-Helene & Bernard Class Review @ JATW    
     Christi, Didier & Zsolt @ Cotsowlds Balboa Festival   Steven Mitchell & Svetlana @ JATW    Keith McGee & Svetlana @ Midsummermadness 2008     Svetlana & Harry - social dancing @ Midsummermadness 2008    spotlight dance at balboabarmy    

    balboa week in Eauze 








Please remember that dancing is a physical activity and if you are unsure, please consult your GP. 
Balboanorth will take every reasonable precaution to maintain your health and safety but 
cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury if you have agreed to take part.

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